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iOS7 by Tutorials

The most detailed guide to all about iOS7. Available at iOS7 launch day!

iOS7 is the biggest update to the iPhone since its launch. And oh boy does it look different! Flat design, new fonts, visual effects everywhere...

You already think "I am gonna spend months until I get on speed with all the new stuff..."

And you might - but you don't have to! For 3rd year in a row the Ray Wenderlich team puts out a simple and efficient guide to all the new APIs that come out with the new iOS.

This year you also get a special chapter on design, you get 20+ chapters, which teach you how to develop beautiful and powerful apps for iOS7!

With "iOS7 by Tutorials" you get:

  • ★ 20+ chapters of tutorials
  • ★ 10+ of the best iOS authors
  • ★ iOS7 design guide and assets by 2 designers
  • ★ 1,500+ pages of content
  • ★ pre-order now and get the PDF as soon as Apple lifts the iOS7 NDA!
  • ★ a top bargain!

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If you are still not sure, just read what some of the previous books' readers had to say:

What people say about the books of the iOS Tutorial Team:

"I bought this book last year and it's the single best resourse I have to help with my code." bondy1k

"When someone ask me about good iOS development resources... my answer for later this year: "Go to Raywenderlich.com, do all the tutorials, buy the DAMN books and watch the official WWDC screencasts." Vinnie1991

"... can we pre-order?" cbearman


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